MyProgress - Overview
 The Internet of Things  is a concept of a smarter world.
But smarter means automated, simple. B.o.r.i.n.g.

MyProgress covers the entertaining part: it turns the IoT
infrastructure into an environment somewhat resembling a computer role-playing game.

MyProgress lets you make fun out of your daily activities by unlocking achievements and competing with the rest of the planet
to get scores and ranks. It helps you get better, healthier, smarter.
MyProgress gathers petabytes of
machine-readable data from
dozens of smart devices and
sensors around you and builds a
unique profile reflecting your
position in terms of ethnicity
metrics, transnational sociology,
anthropology and anthropometry
MyProgress tracks your daily
activities, extracts the most
significant facts and visualizes
it in a form of conventional
social network
MyProgress sets goals and
objectives to complete as you
perform your daily activities

All objectives are carefully
tuned to keep you in your
best shape and expand
your financial success
MyProgress utilizes the most
of the latest developments
in wearable tech and lets
you discover the new
experience of your gadgets
and gear
Extended analytics
Your personal
starts with
physical activity.
We’ve crafted
the smartest
tool to get your
We perform
extensive studies
on your personal
finance. Our
findings include
your progress by
occupation and
social status.
Smart home
appliances are
part of the vast
sensor ecosystem
around you. We
bring every bit of
the information
they generate
into the right
Connected cars
not only provide
greater experience
and comfort, they
can also make you
safer and smarter.
In case the one
you drive is
connected to
Naturally, MyProgress combines the Internet of Things and Big Data technologies
to help you understand and control your progress in the real world. It is a scientific
approach to your fit, health, and success.
MyProgress is currently under development, but if you'd like to get invited as a beta-tester
please submit your email and an invitation will be sent to you as soon as the beta arrives.
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