A decentralized application designed to push blockchain and tokenomics to the masses

All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions.

George Bernard Shaw

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What is MyProgress Tokenomics Layer?

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Ethereum mainnet



1 MPR = 0.032 USD (0.00016 ETH)

24,000,000 USD

10,000,000 USD (~10% BONUS)




USA (non-accredited investors)

1 500 USD

mainnet launch date

1 MPR = 1 GAIN

Token distribution plan

Where capital will be used

Our Team

Nick Maio - CTO

Nick is a software engineer and project manager with 15+ years of experience in financial research and B2B software systems development. In Australia, his software helps producing and delivering financial and market research data to major financial institutions, including Macquarie, UBS and Morgan Stanley. In Russia, his software runs billions of US dollars in transactions, handling largest supply chains, including Gazprom, VTB group, Rosatom, Rostelecom, etc. Since 2010, most of the Russian public sector, including federal government institutions, local governments, public schools and hospitals use Nick's solutions to run supply chains and utilize public key infrastructure for signing contracts online.